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15-Sep-2017 02:01

O., confessing to fiancé Sean, “I jump from relationship to relationship without ever catching my breath, which is why my life is such a f–kin’ mess.” Perhaps it’s time for the gal to take a breather from men and dating? Some girls do, and Fiona does, but I would love to see her struggle with nobody.” It’s a storyline that the writers “absolutely have considered,” executive producer Krista Vernoff says.Her portrayer Emmy Rossum, who believes her character was speaking the truth in that moment, is all for the idea. “We talk about it a lot.” But the EP admits, “We have just found, probably selfishly as writers, that there’s great material in Fiona’s relationships.TVLINE They’ve never fully been committed to each other — it’s always been one foot in, one foot out — so even if they do start communicating and having some sort of healthy relationship — which will never happen because then there would be no show [] — it will be interesting to see where their dynamic goes.I think a lot of their connection has been charged through the excitement and the sexual chemistry and the obstacles.“[This Sunday’s episode] is particularly interesting because of how the dynamic between Fiona and Frank flips on its head,” Rossum previews.“We see, for the first time, Frank is quite interested in parenting, being part of the wedding.

TVLINE When we did the scene where Monica is cutting herself, we didn’t see the “blood spray” until the cameras were actually rolling, so it was very shocking, scary and incredibly life-like; the tubes were underneath this fake bit of skin that they had pasted onto her.I personally can’t even see what other obstacles you could come up with, but then again I didn’t see them coming up with the obstacle of a Brazillian wife, and you know, importing someone to the States in a crate.[Executive producer] John [Wells] took his time with the episode; he said to “breathe, walk, feel and discover” in all the scenes, which is different.How do you as an actor endeavor to play some really deep and meaningful material while maintaining the shameless craziness in which the show is set?

Justin Chatwin: I think that the show really set the tone in the first season of finding that fine line of drama and comedy.

I like the way that Steve — or I guess you now call him Jimmy — stepped up to the plate to deal with the crisis.

As of July 2013, here are updates on what some of the crew members are up to these days: MJ – The former captain of the MJ Morning Show continues to be successful in radio. It’s more politically-oriented and focused on news and current events compared to the pop culture focus of the morning show.… continue reading »

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